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free, easy Video Editor..

  • the movie creator, video editor, audio mixer, easy for amateurs to use. friendly touch screen.
  • professional standards, all value are exact input.
  • without digital watermarking, never track the resources.
  • full technical support, 24H response, document everything.
  • upgrade to team version, work with you own cloud, drive all your devices to assist in computing.
  • powerful enterprise version, let you learn do, not just for you self.

Action you world, DO..

  • exportthe channel, part, thumbnail with reverse, any speed and more. enable direct copy without encode.
  • pipeline effects plug-ins, get video image cut, resize, focus..all under you control.
  • real-time builder, processing. result as you can see.
  • effect as open-plug-in, support expansionby many computer program language, including javascript.
cut video
adjust video

Color you video, Layer All..

Drive you sound, Control by you..

  • with boost version audio mixer, let you mixer audio track unlimited
  • precise control over which target channel each sound source is mapped to.
  • precisely control the ratio of each channel to the target channel, mixing exactly according to the specified ratio.
  • support 32bit audio with uncapped channels.
  • background queue, continue next time, quit anytime.
  • works completely offline, you don't need online at all! even more..
audio mixer

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  • v1.0 standard free to download
  • FAQupdate

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the free, profession movie editor

v2mixer is a cross-platform video editor, audio mixer, available for Windows, macOS, Linux, BSD and more operating systems. is free, easy to use for video and audio cropping, grouping, mixing tools. with load balancing support power link to each other, part of v2Project, design for digital the world own by every one.

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