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Understanding Window & Layer

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Become Professional

  1. add the file to project, there are two ways to add files
    1. by drag and drop
    2. or click the "open file" button in left panel
  2. in project panel(left panel) you will see the  file.
    not always is v2mixer supported format, if dialog say format unsupported, try convert(by other application who have the license) to the format v2mixer supported then try again.
    1. the media file contains video, audio, subtitle, will try add all if support, so may video succeed but audio failed.
    2. about format supported, see codec support in the configureand Codec-License.
  3. click "to layer" (next of "open file" button) append the file to layer(as an chapter).
    1. this already happen when you add first media file.
    2. you have to click "as layer" button to append as layer after first file.
    3. you can add same file many time, for example as differ position differ time.
  4. set marker A and B as which part you want.
    1. by "marker A" and "marker B" button
    2. or by "copy Marker" button
      1. first the track 0 you have the few marker as copy from
      2. click the "edit" button which layer you want copy to, as current Edtior player(the left  player panel) target
      3. then click the "setting" button of track 0 layer(which layer you want copy from), select "copy Marker"
      4. the markers will copy from which layer you click "setting" to current Editor player target.
  5. now  you can cut the part between markers as new movie resouces.
    1. you can marker many A and B, then cut all A to next B as part(or join as one) of movie resources.

Ready for V2Mixer Effects

  1. now add as layer the movie part already cut as resources.
  2. next, you may want change the resources content, begin from the layer setting:
    1. select a chapter(one of media in layer)
    2. click "setting" button(at left of layer)
    3. you can set the chapter at(offset of the layer, after other chapter) time, by(start of the media) time, to(stop of the media) time
      1. or move the layer, over other chapter, or join the chapter to another..
  3. known the Effectand use for chapter. among the more important ones such as: Effect Image Cut Effect Move Resize  Effect Image Mask Effect Channel MapEffect Color Matrix
  4. now, you got the right video order, and right channels map of audio.

Finish My Movie

  1. click the play in program player(the right player panel) to preview the result.
  2. add subtitle if you can.
    1. not everyone has a good hearing, or play in the public have to mute. so please provide subtitles as much as possible, even if not in the desired language.
    2. you can only an correct the words you said wrong in the subtitles without re-recording
  3. check the meta(globaland the tracks) you want keep, by default you add the video/audio/subtitle to edtior, the meta also load as default value, you may want clear that key-values you don't want to keep, such as some resource id information.
  4. now you can click the "export"(at the tool bar of right player panel) do export as movie.
  5. is there something I'm missing? click the contact let us known please. here's FAQmay help.