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  1. the main tool bar(from left)
    1. the audio out, here you select audio previewe out for.
      1. in Apple macOS, Microsoft Windows, Linux with PulseAudio shoule keep as default let v2mixer use the OS mixer.
      2. when OS doesn't have audio device redirect, such ALSA on linux, you can select an device here, for example output to HDMI device only.
        about channels output see FAQ about 6 to 2 channels
    2. the partner button, here is your partner.. or your boss connect to you.
      1. the number is number of your partners currently connected to you.
      2. partners can see your main window to provide precise and synchronized instructions.
      3. only available in the team or enterprise license
    3. the queue button, here is you export job queue, all job in v2mixer are saved as queue, you can quit the v2mixer any time, it will continue you next time.
      1. the number is the queue size.
      2. when a job is completed, you will see a flashing prompt here, blue for completion, red.. for errors.
      3. you can click to open the list, pause,cancel them.
      4. you can click the info icon to open the result file after job done.
      5. job here you can't call as task, the task name is used for team function, see functional area 5
    4. the screen ruler, the ruler(scale, in v2mixer call ruler) for main window, you can get the location X,Y and the color anywhere
      1. when open the ruler, you will see image like this, move you mouse(or pointer, as cross) to target position you want.
      2. in top-left you will see the three lines text, will close when click again
        1. the first line is the coordinates of your pointer in the current window.
        2. the seconds line is the coordinates offset by your pointer in the current target, for example:
          1. in player(left or right), whatever its zoom in or out, here always it's original coordinates before the zoom.
          2. so you can get the original coordinates of the current video you are pointing to, regardless of its scaling.
          3. so you known the layer you want to over there it's position or the size should be..
          4. remember that coordinates, input as the Effect Image Cut, Effect Move Resizeetc.. x,y values or size value.
        3. the color of your pointer in the current window.
          1. in player, it's the color before zoom, also regardless of its scaling.
          2. the color when you click again will as history into the color selector(other you need select a color, you can pick this way)
    5. all other v2Projectcomponents will be listed here. such v2Recoder, v2Motion.. you can share the project data between each other just a click.
  2. the Editor functional area(from top)
    1. the Editor player, here is the player current you edit, you can click the edit button(the pen icon, see below functional area 6) switch the chapter as current target.
      1. add the Effect depend the target here, so change to chapter before you do that.
      2. Editor player only play the original video/audio/subtitle content before the effect.
      3. but you also can do cut without the effect, see below(the cut button)
    2. the time ruler, it's the time scale of you Editor player current and total duration
    3. the Editor tool bar (from left)
      1. time controlbutton, is the player current time, you can change then press enter to seek to
      2. max sizebutton, you can click to switch as or not max (player) size mode
      3. audio switchbutton, you can switch the audio between Editor player and Program player.
      4. to startbutton, click back to video start.
      5. back 1 framebutton, click to back 1 frame.
        1. you can hold this button to keep back, the time see the application configure.
        2. function on video, audio and subtitle. not available for image, SSA subtitle.
      6. play/pausebutton, this's .. you main button
      7. next 1 framebutton, click to next 1 frame.
        1. same as back 1 frame, you can hold the button to keep next.
      8. marker Abutton, the maker type A button let you set the marker in player current time.
        1. marker A can set any position any time.
          1. when you want to cancel the marker by wrong click, just don't move click again will cancel the marker.
        2. that can use for cut(the Edtior tpye export, see below the cut button) as start positions.
          as part to part if you more one this marker.
      9. marker Bbutton, the maker type A button let you set the marker in player current time.
        1. marker B can use for cut as end positions.
      10. cutbutton, this's the export but Editor version.
        1. export here will ignore all Effects(only effect the Program player and export).
        2. you can export as
          1. static image, the current image of time, is original before zoom.
            1. or all image of time with a marker
          2. thumbnail, the thumbnail image with the name, size, codec etc..
          3. animationimage, from first markerA to first markerB as such GIF
          4. text information, with name, size, codec, meta etc..
          5. by marker, cut as part by part of all channels with the markers you set. for example:
            1. export first markerA to next markerB
            2. reverse first markerA to next markerB
            3. export all markerA to next markerB
            4. except all markerA to next markerB
          6. by channel, export the channels(tracks) you select, you can remove the one of them as new media file.
            1. the copy will as default codec, in this mode export without encode, is the stream copy very fast.
            2. you still can export as new codec, new format you select.
      11. to rightbutton, click you can copy the time to Program player as current time, whatever is play or pause.
        1. you can play them both, on left player you location to right time, then click copy to right player, to compare the results of Effect processing.
      12. play speedselector, the speed you want to play, from 1/10 to 4.0
        1. for 1/10 mean 0.1 speed, so 10 times slower.
        2. for 4.0 mean 4 times faster
  3. the Effect tool bar(from top)
    1. plusbutton, the button for you can add the effect
    2. the other button is the effect you current enabled for current edit target chapter(part of layer).
  4. the Program functional area(from top)
    1. the Program player, here is the player after the Effect, is preview for you final result of current project. about slow, low FPS here, see video FAQ
    2. the time ruler, it's the time scale of you Program player current and total duration.
    3. the Program tool bar (from left)
      1. time control, see Editor functional area this part.
      2. to leftbutton, the button let you copy the time to left player(the Editor player), see Editor functional area to right button for more.
      3. new windowbutton, let you open Program functional area as new window, for multi-monitors you may want move into.
        1. when you move the window to next monitor, the configure will remember for you next open.
          1. because new monitor may have different image formats(RGB, YCbCr, YUV...), so next direct open as it's format without convert to.
      4. audio switchbutton, see Editor functional area this part.
      5. to startbutton, see Editor functional area this part.
      6. play/pause, to start and stop the preview.
      7. marker Abutton, see Editor functional area this part.
        1. marker in here will show as the marker on the bottom bar(functional area 9)
        2. you can only one marker, next always override the last.
      8. marker Bbutton, see Editor functional area this part.
      9. exportbutton, export you project final result as movie, it's the button all the thing you doing for.
        1. export with all effect, all channel(track)
        2. you have to ready the disk free space enough to do so, because temporary file you may need double the size required.
          1. the size you can see in the export window.
          2. when you export as v2pLFNor v2pZ0 should be especially careful with the remaining space on the disk, it is very large.
      10. play speedselector, see Editor functional area this part.
        1. this's the final speed after the encoder, so after the Effect Play Speed.
          1. mean Effect Play Speed 0.1 speed, here you select the 4.0 speed, you should got 0.1 * 4 = 0.4 speed.
      11. video trackselector, the video track you select to preview, if you have the multi-video track, you can select one for preview here.
      12. audio track selector, the audio track you select to preview.
      13. subtitle trackselector, the subtitle track you select to preview.
        1. the Program player will player one of video, audio and subtitle some time, play them as one.
        2. when more one video/audio/subtitle on same track, Program player will play them all as the layerrule.
  5. the project functional area(from left)
    1. Proj.about the projects
      1. the project file list. here will automatically expand when you add many files.
      2. there are some important buttons below, which are (from left)
        1. new Project
          1. pop up the project window when you click.
          2. in project window you can
            1. open recent project.
            2. open cloud project.
              1. only available in team or high license
            3. create new project.
            4. change current project settings.
        2. open the Project
        3. save the Project, save the current project.
          1. you can use hot-key CTRL+ALT+S, only available when the v2mixer is the focused window.
        4. open File, you can add the file into project by this button.
          this's open the resource file for layer, but you can open the project file here not by "open the project" button, the project you open will append to current project.
        5. to Layer, you can select a file in list, then click here to add as layer.
        6. Remove,  you can remove the unused file from project.
    2. Undo, the undo functional area
      1. you can select a history action to rollback to.
      2. only available in profession or high license.
    3. Task, the task functional area, you current team task functional area.
      1. in here you known what task wait for you.
      2. you also known the task it next is who wait for you.
      3. you also known you task depend  by who, and it state.
      4. this's the team function, only available in team or high license.
    4. Tool, the application menu area
      1. save the project as
      2. cloud upload
        1. only available in team or high license.
      3. cloud download
        1. only available in team or high license.
      4. revert
      5. switch version
        1. on profession or high license, built-in versions history.
        2. always keep today 9 version history
        3. always keep last day 1 version
        4. versions history keep in server if  team or high license
          1. server mean you team or company server
      6. the theme
      7. online support
      8. application version
        1. in here you can see the application version
        2. and the license type
  6. the layer manager(from left)
    1. the track number, from 0, 0 alwasy top layer
      1. same track number will mixer as one, for more about layer see known v2Mixer Layer
    2. the lockbutton, you can't change the effect if here is locked.
    3. the enablebutton, ignore the track if disabled.
      1. this's the function for hide the layer for the preview, in export always enabled.
    4. the editbutton, the edit let you set the current chapter as the Editor target(functional area 2).
      1. in video chapter, always use first audio chapter and subtitle chapter in same group as Editor target for preview.
    5. the settingbutton, see "the Setting button"
  7. the layers, part of Layer Manager
    1. about layer see known v2Mixer Layer
    2. the layers list in here. layeris the file add as, for manager the chapters.
    3. layer have the track numbershow in the layer manager(the first number, see above, area 6).
    4. a media file on layer call a chapter, another media file can also in the same layer.
      for this example, the track 0 have three of chapter on different time. for more see Example crop clips from different files into a new video file
      1. chapter unlike the layer, the multi-layer show as one at time, but chapter always one by one. chapter with an name label, for example [1v0]00:05:56.542
        1. [1v0] mean group id: 1, chapter type: video, track number: 0
          1. the chapters with same group id mean is the same file
        2. 00:05:56.542 is the duration time
        3. the count number of icon in right top is the count value of effects
      2. in encoder, will play as first chapter, when finish, play the next chapter.
        1. see above example image, the time 02:00 to 05:00 is empty, so layer invisible that time. you can use for show the 100% other layer.
        2. if that empty time doesn't have other layer, if it's video the image will keep background coloruntil next chapter; if it's audio keep mute.
      3. so you can put many part of movie on any layer with the right time join as one. control track number, layer order and the times by setting button
    5. the volume slider, the volume slider of current audio output to device.
      1. this slider depend by Editor player target, so please set any of one media with audio as the Editor player target, by Edit button see the functional area 6.
      2. becuase depend the Edtior target, if you want see you 2 audio channels movie how work on 6 channels device, just select an 6 channels movie(video or audio chapter) as Editor target, here slider will show as 6 channels, so when audio you play in Program player also show here.
      3. here force asoriginal value before correction, if you see the volume bar out of its range, you should reduce it.
        for example signed 16 bits then samples must -32767 to 32767. signed float must -1 to 1
        in v2mixer play back will correct, but export will not (keep you value):
        1. with Effect Channel Mapexample
        2. audio1 signed float but value 1.8, is wrong value
        3. audio2 also signed float and value 0.9, is right value
        4. both map as 50%
        5. the result is (1.8 + 0.9) * 0.5 = 1.35
        6. 1.35 already out of range, is wrong value, but v2mixer will keep, you should be aware that playing by spec will produce a popping sound.
    6. the status area(from left)
      1. the zoom control, let you zoom in/out the layer manager(functional area 6)
      2. the status bar, here is the area show the Program's markerA/B, and you can click to seek(align with other marker).