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  1. first, get start the v2mixer
  2. switch and create new project, because we just do cut so settings are doesn't matter, just "OK".
  3. then add the the audio (or video) file to layer.
    or drag your file to v2mixer's layer
  4. seek the time to start on Editor player(the left player)
  5. click "Marker A" flag as start
  6. seek the time to end
  7. click "Marker B" flag as end
  8. click "Cut" (the scissors icon)
  9. switch to "between Marker"
  10. select "export first markerA to next markerB".
    1. here let you export part of audio as new file, you can use as ringtone.
    2. or export part of video as movie resource.
    3. or export the audio without video as ringtone
  11. if you need precise timing, choose an codec but not copy(time is imprecise, but very fast)
    1. such mp3 for audio, or vp9 for video, for more see Export As Movie
  12. select(the dialog left bottom) the file where you have to save.
    free cut the audio as ringtone
  13. click "Queue" submit as job
  14. wait the job done. (the clock icon in top main bar, the "Queue", or just wait it will flashing prompt you when done)
  15. you will see the file in the folder you selected.
    1. you can click the info icon in the Queue list, will open the file manager for that files
  16. the last important thing is tell you friend about v2mixer... ok, or post me please click that Contact link.