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  1. first, get start the v2mixer
  2. switch and create new project.
  3. change the project setting you want, such image widht/height, backgroun color for video, the audio channels
  4. click "OK" to start
  5. click "Open File" in left project tool bar,  add the file1.mp4.
  6. click "Open File" in left project tool bar, add the file2.mp4 and file3.mp4
  7. the file1.mp4 already as layer1, next we have to add file2.mp4 and file3.mp4 as layers
  8. select file2.mp4 in project panel(the left file list panel)
  9. click "To Layer" add file as new layer2
  10. select file3.mp4, click "To Layer" again as layer3
    you can also drag those 3 files to v2mixer's layer
  11. click "settings" buttonfor the file1.mp4, the video layer1, see example image above
    1. keep the atas 00:00:00.00
    2. set byas 00:01:00.000
    3. set toas 00:02:00.000
    4. click Apply
  12. click "settings" button for the file2.mp4, the video layer2
    1. set atas 00:01:00.000
    2. set byas 00:02:00.000
    3. set toas 00:04:00.000
    4. click Apply
  13. click "settings" button for the file3.mp4, the video layer3
    1. set atas 00:03:00.000
    2. set byas 00:00:00.000
    3. set toas 00:03:00.000
    4. click Apply
  14. change the audio layer if you want, or replace as new audio file
  15. preview in Porgram player(the right player)
  16. click "export" at Program tool bar
  17. follow the Export As Movie